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Armed Exhibition Drill Rifles for Sale

How to buy a demilitarized Rifle
It’s relatively easy to purchase a demilitarized (demil’d) rifle from the the companies below. If you already have a Federal Firearms License (FFL), then you can order the rifle straight from the company. If you do not have an FFL, you can go to your local gun dealer and explain the situation to them, they will give you paperwork and you will pay a fee to have the rifle delivered to the dealer (who has an FFL) who will then give the rifle to you.

“Theatrical Replicas”
Replica rifles that are not created specifically for spinning/drill, could be a hazard waiting to happen. Real rifles are made from steel and wood, plastic or a resin composite. Theatrical replica rifles are usually not made from steel, but from zinc or another cheaper, softer metal that MAY NOT hold up to slams and the rough use that happens with exhibition drill. An example of this type of rifle is here: and Denix of Spain is one of the theatrical replica rifle makers. They are great to look at, but exhibition drill is almost impossible since the wood and metal are weak.

Demilitarized Rifles (Demils):
Dupage Trading Company

Battlefield Relics call them too: (912) 966-1900 <— Best Choice!

Old Western Scrounger

Sarco Inc.

You can also visit:
The Gun Broker

Excellent replica M1 Garands: Their Amazon page:

Inert Products: (great “Rubber Duck” M14, metal barrel with bayonet lug)

Replica Rifles for Drillers
The Daisy Drill Rifle (replica 1903A3)

The Glendale DrillAmerica (replica M1 Garand)

The Glendale DrillAmerica (replica M1903A3)

Training Rifles (Red/Blue Guns)
Thanks to Matt Rogers for this info:

1903 Springfield 03A3 (Approx 8.5lbs.)

Old Western Scrounger Price 199.95
WWII 1903-A3 Military drill Rifle – NO FFL OR NICS NEEDED! These U.S. surplus 1903-A3 drill rifles are all complete, all original parts with original finish with rare Navy issue wood grain synthetic stocks. These guns have their barrels plugged and welded, boltface and cutoffs welded as well and the lower chambers removed to render them permanently deactivated so they can be sold WITHOUT AN FFL OR NICS CHECK! Both the complete rear sight and front sight blade has been removed by the government to ensure they do not cut the hands during the manual of military arms.
Picture: OWS 1903

Battlefield Relics || Price 450.00 (Standard Bluing) 550.00 (Fully Chromed)

M-1903/A3, S161DMIL, Springfield Demilitarized Drill Rifle. With functional bolt, safety, trigger and cut-off. Available in wood or synthetic stocks and hand guards. BFR 1903 CHROMED

Sarco Inc. 1903A3 Demils Price $249.00 – $419.00

From the outside you cannot tell these rifles have been changed except for the weld spot on the cut off. These rifles are perfect for a gun room display, reenactors, enhancements for your military vehicle, or just WWI or WWII nostalgia. A perfect gift for a youngster who is not old enough to have a firing military rifle. All parts function and click perfectly except the bolt stop.

1903 Springfields will be Springfield Armory or Rock Island Armory. 1903A3’s will be Remington or Smith Corona. You may choose and we will ship that model if available at no extra charge – however this is not guaranteed.

Not for Sale to Puerto Rico, NY, MN, WI, KS, CT, MA, or CA Sarco 1903A3

Daisy Model 1903 Drill Rifle Replica (Approx. 8.5lbs.)

Daisy 1903 Drill Rifle Price Approx 280$

At first glance, the Daisy drill rifle looks like a fully functional 1903-A1 Springfield rifle with a black synthyetic stock. But the only feature this rifle shares with a firearm is the opening bolt. The design and durable steel components and synthetic stock make this drill rifle capable of withstanding the abuse that is inherent in drill team use. (Approx 100-150$ more, A Chromed Version can be Purchased.)
Picture: Daisy 1903 Replica (Black)

To ORDER Contact Daisy at:
Daisy Outdoor Products
P.O. Box 220
Rogers, Arkansas
Or Order Over Phone: (800) 643-3458

Demilitarized M1 Garands

BattleField Relics Price 450$(Standard Bluing) 550$ (Fully Chromed)
With functional bolt, trigger, safety and cut-off. Available in wood or synthetic stocks or hand guards.

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 306
Savannah, GA 31402-0306

Telephone: (912) 966-1900
(912) 966-1901

Civilian Markmanship Program Price $345.00

By law, the CMP can sell surplus military firearms, ammunition, parts and other items only to members of CMP affiliated clubs who are also U.S. citizens, over 18 years of age and who are legally eligible to purchase a firearm.

A listing of affiliated organizations can be found by clicking on our Club Search web page at http://clubs.odcmp.c…/clubSearch.cgi. (Please Check This For Your JROTC Unit)

If you have any difficulty in locating a club, please contact the CMP at 256-835-8455 or by emailing CMP Customer Service. We will find one for you. In addition to shooting clubs, the CMP also has several special affiliates. Membership in these organizations satisfies our requirement for purchase.

These special affiliates include: Congressionally chartered veterans’ organizations such as the VFW, AL, DAV, MCL, etc. U.S. Military services (active or reserves), National Guard, to include retirees. Professional 501©3 law enforcement organizations and associations such as the FOP, NAPO, NSA, etc.

Fits the description of our Rack Grade with the additions of: gas cylinder lock *** is welded to lock and gas cylinder, barrel is drilled, plugged and welded at chamber mouth. Barrel is welded to the receiver, firing pin hole is welded closed on bolt face. Rifle wear will be exhibited by worn and mixed colors of the finish; there may be some pitting on the metal parts; wood will be basically sound but may be well used with minor hairline cracks, poor fit, and many dings, scratches and gouges; wood may not match in color, type of wood or condition. Wood may be Walnut, Birch, Beech or other variety.

Replica M1 Garand Approx. 8.5lb

DrillAmerica M1 Price $134.95

The DrillAmerica® rifle is the only available weapon of its type, weight, and balance for parades, drill, and competitions. Thousands of individuals are using this rifle for drill teams, honor guards, color guards – active duty military personnel, reservists, veterans, cadets, law enforcement personnel and firefighters.

•It is the first 8.5-pound balanced drill rifle in the United States.
•Length is 43”.
•The DrillAmerica® rifle is made of high-impact plastic with a wood-grain appearance and exterior chromed metal parts.
•The basic rifle has a one-piece bolt with no moving parts and a trigger that “clicks” for effect.
•An interchangeable moving bolt or a safety bolt without a handle may be purchased separately.
•All bolts can be engraved at $15 each – 24 characters maximum.
•Each rifle has a reversible black rubber pad and a metal plate.
•There is no bayonet lug.


Springfield 1903A3 – Parts Diagram
E-Gun Parts
Sarco A3 Parts
Sarco CHROME Springfield Parts
Bill Ricca
North Ridge (M1 Garand parts)
Ernst Armory

M1 Garand – Parts Diagram (M1 Garand)
Fulton Armory
M1 Garand Rifle
RA Parts

M1 Drill America Parts
Springfield 1903A3 Parts Diagram
M1 Garand Parts Diagram (M1 Garand)
Fulton Armory
M1 Garand Rifle
RA Parts
Amherst Depot

M14 Diagram
————————– Fulton Armory Smith Enterprise Freds M14 Stocks/Parts M14

M1 Drill America – Diagram
Daisy 1903 Replica – Diagram Parts Listings


The DrillMaster Bayonet

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  1. me ha fascinado todos los elementos que han publicado, pero deseo encontrar quien fabrique replica de fusil mozqueton 7.62 tipo belga con estirón para bayoneta y , bayoneta con funda para el mismo fusil espero cordialmente su respuesta y comentarios, ya que deseo integrar un equipo de de guardia de honor en mexico

    1. Javier,

      Yo estoy usando un traductor de internet, espero que usted pueda entender esto.

      Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro de que le sea útil mi página web.

      Glendale ( hace una réplica M1903 con un estirón de la bayoneta y tengo bayonetas que son para el 1903 y M1 Garand. Ambos rifles son rifles americanos estándar, está buscando algo diferente, como un Enfield Marcos 1?

      Tengo contactos en Bélgica que yo te puedo poner en contacto con.

    1. Hi Devin, this is the first time I’ve heard of SARCO offering dummy rifles. I will check them out and get back with you tomorrow. Thanks also for bringing this to my attention.

      1. Thank you. Summer is coming and I need something to practice with. This seems a good price but I’m not sure… I might just save up for a Battlefieldrelics 1903. I’m half way there after all.

      2. I would like to know whether this weapon is suitable for Armed Exhibition drill if the stock were to be replaced- say with an NGA stock.

        1. Hi Devin,

          I checked out the SARCO Dummy 1903 Rifle. Now I see what you were talking about. Yes, these are real rifles that have been made inert/permanently demilitarized. They are good for drill- actually better for drill than a working rifle and the NGA stock will fit!


          1. Wonderful!!! I will have to order one. I thank so much for helping me with this as BFR rifles are very, very expensive.

  2. Hello DrillMaster,
    I got my SARCO demil rifle today. It was completely fine other then a some bubbling in the weld on the cutt off switch. To me, it looks like they messed up. The switch is a little wobbly and feels like, with a little force, it could become working again. I was wondering if this is normal or should I send it back ask for a different one.

  3. Okay, I think I will send them a picture and see their reply. I only have five days before I can’t get a replacement.

    1. I sent the rifle back after carefully inspecting it and realizing the stock was also cracked and had some putty filling in it that could be easily removed just by touching it. I have come to the conclusion that the weld was definitely not done well after reviewing pictures of other demil’d rifles. After a 2 weeks, I hadnt heard from them so I called to find that instead of sending a different one and sending the return slip I payed for, they had just returned the rifle to their stock. They told me then that they had no other rifles of greater quality and that all the others were the same.

      1. I am very disappointed. I do not have any rifle to practice with now, but luckily I have my routine thought out already.

        1. What a shame. I’m glad you have shared this with me and the readers of my site. Glendale’s 1903 has a new reformulated stock with extremely hard resin. Check it out.

          1. do the same rules still apply as they did before when purchasing a rifle from Battlefieldrelics?

    2. I think so. I also think it would also be a good idea to write that you have read this and all the other Drill Team Training articles that you’ve read, but make it one entry for the resumè. Something like: To create a solid educational foundation, read (25) Drill Team Training articles written by the DrillMaster.

  4. Hello my friend Devin (from above comments) ordered a rifle from sarco inc. I really liked it however I am interested in getting a demilitarized m1 garand. There are some available from sarco. Are these also suitable for armed exhibition and which do you prefer m1903 or m1? And why? Thank you.

    1. Hey, whats up? I don’t recommend Sarco inc. unfortunately. Though they do have many parts for weapons if needed.

  5. I have been trying to access but it says the account has unavailable. Do they still exist? If so should email them to inquire about a rifle?

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