Joint Service Drill Competition  2013

Yes, JSDC13 is already in the planning stages. Each of the US military’s honor guard drill teams compete at the Jefferson Memorial with the world’s largest obelisk in the background in Washington D.C. In 2012, the USAF won by a whisker. For 2013, the competition will be on April 13th with a make up date of April 14th. I hope to see you there- and if you attend, please stop by the judge’s table and say hello! Jefferson Memorial, 1400 (2pm).

March 25 UPDATE! The JSDC for 2013 is going to be a JSDE (Joint Service Drill Exhibition). No competition, no judges. However, it will be a great time to see each of the teams performing! See this for DrillMaster’s Score-at-Home sheets specifically for the Joint Service Drill Team Exhibition! Scroll down to Honor Guard Downloads.)

JSDC12 Winning team: USAF

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  1. As a judge, can you please let the organizers know that there is very little information available online about when/where the 2013 Joint Service Drill is happening (or if, like air shows, it has been cancelled due to budget cuts)? Every year I want to attend, and every year I only find out when it was after the news stories come out the following Monday about results. I personally know a lot of people who would be interested in attending this event. The Cherry Blossom Festival site doesn’t list it. Thanks – great site, lots of good info!

    1. CeeJayVA,

      Thank you very much for the comment and praise. I try to have the best and most relevant information for the military drill world.

      As for the JSDC13, I am only a guest, but I will try to emphasize the importance of the event information.

      Again, thanks and I do hope to be there this year and maybe meet some more Drillers!

  2. hi there! is the location/time same as last years? my sister is going to AF and i thought this would be great for her to see before she goes. thank you!

  3. Hello,

    I would like to know at what time the Drill Exhibition is going to take place on Saturday, 13th April.

    Thank You.

    1. I am also trying to get definitive time/place info for the Joint Service Drill Exhibition this year. I wanted to bring to your attention that the USAF Honor Guard website has it listed for 12 noon and at the Lincoln Memorial, instead of the Jefferson Memorial. I know you posted that you are awaiting a reply from your POC, however I wanted you to be aware that there seems to be some discrepancies. I trust that you will post the most up to date info when you have it. Thank you for all your hard work on this!

      1. Thanks for the compliment, it is my pleasure. Strangely enough my POC at the Old Guard wrote “Lincoln Memorial.” It’s been at the Jefferson Memorial for years now and I would think it won’t change since there isn’t enough room over with Mr. Lincoln. The time is 1400, though.

      1. Thank You.

        Since the question of venue has also been bought up, please update us on where its going to be held (Lincoln or Jefferson). We wouldn’t want to miss a minute of the action.

        Once Again, Thank You.

        1. Well, apparently, there is a venue change for this year, here is the excerpt from the OPORD (Operations Order):
          “The 3d United States Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard, will host the Joint Service Drill Exhibition at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC on 13 April 2013.” (Emphasis mine)

          So, the teams will be performing at the end of the mall in front of Mr. Lincoln on the wide paved area in front of the memorial. While I thought it was strange, after looking at an aerial view of the new location, I can see why this site was chosen: better access for the teams and public and a larger drilling area.

          It looks to be a great venue and most likely will be a great time. I just wish I was going this year! Have fun, everyone, take lots of pictures!

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