Semper ad Honorem

In 2011, I published The Honor Guard Manual. At that time, I also coined the phrase, Semper ad Honorem which is Latin for Always for Honor. This is a photo of me from 2003 (there about) posting the POW/MIA flag while my wife and I was stationed at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa Japan.

Drill Posters- Semper Ad Honorem

For honor guard training and motivation.

2 thoughts on “Semper ad Honorem”

  1. What a great inspirational saying. I should have been able to reason it out (being a former marine) but had to google the phase after reading it on a t-shirt. I am a full time sheriffs deputy for 30 years and as a active member of my departments Honor Guard team, may I ask if the phase can be used if we were to place it on a memorial card that we give to the families of fallen officers or memorials we attend.

    1. Mr. Thompson,

      By all means, please use it. Semper ad Honorem means, “Always for Honor” or “Always for the Honor.” I created it after a little research to use in my book, The Honor Guard Manual. I’m glad you find it fits in nicely with your department’s honor guard unit.


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