4 thoughts on “The Delta Airlines Honor Guard”

  1. To whom It May Concern, Thank You for your Honor Guard Team. Being a Veteran and a Pease Greeter, We do the same thing when the Soldiers come through the airport at Pease NH. Just a note, the one thing I noticed you don t do is have a guard on each end of your flag detail to guard the American flag. You don t need a weapon on each to do this. We just have the American Flag and a guard beside the flag. The American flag is the only thing that needs to be guarded. Thank You,

  2. I just want to commend Delta Airlines on their patriotism and showing great respect for our fallen!!! I just wonder why there isn’t a FB page? I don’t remember seeing this on TV either? Was the second casket, the soldier’s K-9?
    Anyway, my hats off to Delta Airlines and their employees!!! True blue Americans!!!

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