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Merritt Island Competition Critiques

On 30 Jan 16 Merritt Island High School hosted the first Brevard County Army JROTC drill competition. With C/MAJ Anderson, from Florida Institute of Technology, who is working on an engineering degree, I judged Unarmed Squad Regulation and Armed Squad Exhibition. I was head judge for the regulation sequences and cadet Anderson took over that position for the exhibition portion of the day. What a great day!!

Below are the DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques for download. I also broadcasted three of the performances on my account at Periscope, @TheDrillMaster. In performance order:

  2. MIHS Female UA SQD REG
  3. CHS Male UA SQD REG
  4. AHS Male UA SQD REG
  5. AHS Female UA SQD REG
  6. CHS Female UA SQD REG
  7. MIHS Male A SQD XD
  8. MIHS Female A SQD XD
  9. CHS Male A SQD XD
  10. CHS Female A SQD XD

The DrillMaster Broadcasts Live on Periscope!

DrillMaster PeriscopeOn January 30th, 2016, I will broadcast two or three routines from Merrit Island High School’s Army JROTC Drill Competition while I judge platoon exhibition and regulation. The broadcasts are then turned into video recordings

If you don’t have Periscope, go to your app store for your smartphone, download it, and then follow @TheDrillMaster!


Kings Dominion Drill Competition 2015!


Kings Dominion, the World Drill Association (WDA) and the DrillMaster partnered together to bring the first Kings Dominion Drill Competition in October or 2015. It was a huge success, the teams performed, received an education and were eager to find out when the next competition is scheduled!

The purpose of the competition, so early in the school year, is to create a foundational as well as educational score with WDA adjudication system feedback. From there, teams can only learn and grow in future competitions!

Kings Dominion, the WDA and the DrillMaster are excited about the prospects for KDDC16, stay tuned- on INstagram follow @KingsDominionVA and @DrillMasterTraining!

Click on the links below to download the DrillMaster Audio Performance Feeback files.

The Progression of an Exhibition Drill Soloist

Chris Scanlan is today’s Guest writer. Thank you, Chris!

Scanlan and team 2015My name is Chris Scanlan, I’m a Cadet Captain of The Lebanon High School AFJROTC Unit in Ohio. I’ve been drilling, in every category of drill: Regulation, Inspection, Color Guard, and Exhibition, for four years now. I’m the Co-Drill Team Commander for my drill team, that won state for the past seven years and we are currently leading the circuit for state points. {The image above is of Chris and his teammates in 2015 showing their numerous trophies- DrillMaster]

What got me into drill was basically watching my brother perform drill when I was in 8th grade. I was at a local competition as a fan; I remember watching my brother competing in the armed regulation event. I remember watching everyone being in step together, staying sharp, crisp, and poised. I said, “This is amazing!” and was hooked from there on out! What kept me involved in drill was the Class of 2015 Drillers on the team. With 11 seniors, including myself, we always had each other’s’ back. Through all the losses, arguments, faults, blood, sweat, and tears given for this sport, I would go back and perform with them in a heartbeat. They truly support me like no one else.

My heart belongs to exhibition drill. I’ve work so hard to master my craft and I love every minute of it.  In my four-year drill career, I’ve managed to pull out 10 first place solos, 2 second place solos, 2 third place solos, three first place tandems, two second place tandems, and two third place tandems. I’ve also qualified for The World Drill Championships for both solo and tandem. During my freshman year, exhibition drill was frowned upon on the team. “We’re not cheerleaders!” Is what I’ve been told, numerous times, regarding exhibition. While they found it unorthodox of the hand slapping, rifle twirling, and random chants during performances, I’ve always had a greater appreciation towards it. I made it my goal to leave Lebanon High School, with people having an appreciation towards exhibition drill. As of now, I do believe my goal has been not only achieved, but exceeded. I have freshman drillers wanting to learn ex. They would always tell me how amazing I am and how they want to drill like me! After hearing stuff like that, I know I did my job and I couldn’t be happier.

John Marshall, The DrillMaster, has heavily influenced my drill in numerous way. I remember listening to his audio critique for my MIODC 3 video and just being in awe. He gave me a, “new eye” for exhibition drill. I remember the biggest thing he taught me was layered movement: using multiple layers of your drill to perform, whether it is, upper body/footwork, footwork/ torso work, ETC… He brought the idea that there is more to the art of exhibition drill than just, “spinning the rifle.”  I rely quite a bit on Mr. Marshall to give me feedback on my performances today as well as over the years. His knowledge and eye for drill is impeccable and can’t be touched. After every solo performance, I always send my video to him and ask for a critique, and he delivers! He never leaves me disappointed, whether it’s with something I couldn’t see that hindered my drill, or a 42-minute long audio critique, I love it! Mr. Marshall is the first person I go to for critiques and it will stay like that for a while. I give a big thanks to you, The DrillMaster, for increasing my growth in drill. I wouldn’t be both a great performer, and a knowledgeable driller!

My long termgoals will be competing at The NHSDTC 2015 solo and dual event this year, with my dual partner Jonathan Wurzelbacher.  After high school is over, I will be attending Wright State University, where I’ll be majoring in marketing. I will join their AFROTC program and most likely join their drill team. I hope to be able to coach a newly formed drill team, while being in college, to help inspire the young drillers, in the same manner of how I was inspired.

Here are Chris’s critiques:

The 22 March 15 Michigan Online Drill Competition Results!

Yet another military drill season is upon us and the videos were submitted by midnight Eastern time on March 21, 2015. I have judged each Michigan Online Drill Competition (MIODC) and have learned as well as taught with each successive competition.

My thanks to Devin Milhem for creating and running this event. For more information on MIODC see the Facebook group.

Here is the link to watch the playlist of YouTube videos. On with the results. I commented on the World Drill Association’s Overall Effect caption (OE; there are three more captions: Movement, Equipment and Composition Analysis). Since I only scored OE, the score is out of a possible max of 200. If I were to score all four captions, there is a formula to give a final score out of a possible 100 points- just like grades in school.

In ech WDA caption there i a further breakdown of scores between the “What” and the “How”. You will notice that, while a Driller’s total score may have placed him higher than another, he may have one of the sub-caption scores lower then other Driller(s) whose score was overall lower.

I am on the road having just finished judging the Romeoville High School Drill Meet yesterday. I apologize that I do not have the time to offer a full four-caption score. I did make some comments though pertaining to the other captions.

Below you will see the soloist’s placement, name and then the scores for Repertoire Effect score (the “What”), Performance Effect (the “How”) score and the total score. Click on the name to download the DrillMaster Audio Performance Critique.

  1. Bisher, 66-57-123
  2. Milhem, 60-53-113
  3. Alejandro, 57-55-112
  4. Gill, 54-51-105
  5. Ansboro ACUs, 49-43-92
  6. Perrault, 46-39-85
  7. Josh, 43-34-77
  8. Jon, 41-35-76
  9. Daniel, 31-26-57
  10. Doyle, 26-25-51
  11. RetributionGM, 27-23-50
  12. Ansboro Class B, 21-19-40

Thank you, Drillers. You all did an outstanding job. My hope is that my critiques benefit you in your growth in exhibition drill.

Romeoville High School JROTC Drill Meet

Yes, I did. I drove from Melbourne, FL to Romeoville, IL to judge a drill meet. Seriously. I love to do what I do and Don Dunning asked me if I would come up and judge about a week and a half before the competition. My answer: “Sure!” And now it’s over with, but it was such a great day!

I was blessed to judge colors and then tandems. I made my DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques for each of the performances and let everyone know they could download them. When I first began judging in the morning, I received some strange looks; “We thought you were talking to yourself!” was the feedback I received while I was giving my feedback! Once I explained, I saw nods of approval.

So, without further unnecessary typing, here are my critiques in no particular order.

Color Guard Regulation Drill

Tandem Exhibition Drill Performances

Unarmed XD Squad (I wanted to give the cadets some feedback)

“Team Canadia” and Eau Gallie High AFJROTC Compete!

FAA 2015 (4)The Canadian team from Alberta, 2313 South Alberta Light Horse Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, or “Team Canadia” (at right) as they were affectionately referred to, competed at the second annual Florida Air Academy Drill Competition along with Eua Gallie High School’s Air Force JROTC drill team and color guards.

Just two teams competing? Yes. We had six teams on the books, and four schools had to drop due to various issues. We hope to see them all next year, though!

FAA 2015 (5)Eau Gallie did very well and everyone watched the Candian team with awe as they marched and differently and called some “strange” commands. We loved them and all of the cadets exchanged email addresses and Facebook accounts after the awards were handed out. The Canadians won. Go, Team Canadia*!

FAA 2015 (1)Our judges were Army and Marine Recruiters, Melbourne and Rockledge Police and Brevard Fire. We had every service represented from Active Duty to veterans. They did an outstanding job!

The word, “Canadia”, came from one of the judges who let that slip, thought about it and then restated, “Canada!” with just a little embarrassment. It was all good as everyone had a great time.

Here are my DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques:

Eau Gallie Regulation Drill

2313 SALH Regulation Drill (Parade and 31-Count)

Eau Gallie Exhibition Drill

2313 SALH Exhibition Sequence

Eau Gallie CG 1 Reg

Eau Gallie CG 2 Reg