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Watch “Exhibition Drill Opener 2014” on YouTube

This was a sample I wrote for the Norwich Shock Platoon. It is the opening drill sets up to the report-in.

Exhibition Drill Opener 2014:

DrillMaster Audio Performance Critique: Zachary Kennington

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I began offering live Audio Performance Critiques back in 2007 or 2008 realizing that my judging training for marching bands, drum and bugle corps and winter guard could be used to better the military exhibition drill arena. For now, I’m the only one offering this type of feedback, but I hope to train others to make this as ubiquitous for military drill as it is in the other pageantry arts. Here is the link to my audio critique which is downloadable.

Taiwan Marine Honor Guard Drill Team Video

The Taiwan Marine Honor Guard Drill Team Video courtesy of Public Television in Taiwan. This is a great short video!

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2013 Michigan Online Drill Competition Results!

2013 Michigan Online Drill Competition Results!!

If you haven’t yet, watch the 16 performances:

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And now for the results! (Click on each name to download the DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques)

Click here to download the MIODC13 RECAP Placements and here for the MIODC13 RECAP Placements each Sub-Caption. These RECAP sheets give you a complete breakdown of all each caption per performance; the Placements Sub-Caption sheet tells you the placements for each competitor in each sub-caption- in other words, who beat who on the sub-caption level! Nowhere else can you get detailed information for a military drill competition- only the DrillMaster and the World Drill Association.

1. Angel Solis

2. CJ Braun

3. James Bisher

4. Robby Zyko

5. Andrew Grove

6. Logan Snyder

7. Alex Marshall

8. Trevor Martin

9. Eric Cromwell

10. Devin Milhem

11. Wan-Ming Chang

12. Troy Johnson

13. Joshua Doyle

14. Dillon Overton

15. Trey Burge

16. HatfieldsvsMcCoys

17. Christian Carcamo (was not a competitor due to an administrative error; video below)

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Note: all of the competitors should not have competed in the same class. All of this competition was judged to WDA Open Class standards. Only a small handful of competitors belong in Open Class (advanced skills), many would do very well in WDA A-Class (intermediate skills). I recommend usinf the WDA class system to help level the competition field for all involved.

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Marching up and down the Square!

This is why drill teams can’t get anything accomplished!

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Silent Drill Platoon 2013 Performance

Silent Drill Platoon 2013 Performance
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Drill Teams in the Movies: The Closing Number in “Pin Up Girl”

In my drill team training book, Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II, I list all of the drill teams that I could find that have been in the movies and I found some great stuff, but I missed one! Below is the final number, Cadence, from the 1944 Betty Grable movie, Pin Up Girl. The women on the drill team are real Women’s Army Corps Drill Team members and are very good. What fun to watch!

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