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World Drill Association Mentioned in AFJROTC Newsletter

world drill association, drill team, exhibition drillThe World Drill Association (WDA), is the organization developed to create a solid foundation for adjudicating all types of drill and ceremonies in the military drill world: regulation, ceremonial and exhibition. The WDA exists to educate judges and Military Drill Professionals of all levels.

The WDA recently co-hosted a drill meet at Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, FL and Headquarters, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps published a picture of the teams and gave a mention to the WDA.

Click here to download the AFJROTC April 2015 Newsletter.

The Air Force Academy National Invitational Drill Meet 2015!

USAFAThe Air Force Academy‘s (USAFA) Cadet Honor Guard will run the 41st National Invitational Drill Meet (NIDM) this coming April (2015). This has been a big competition in the past, and the USAFA cadets want it to be even bigger from now on!

For 2015, NIDM is open to both JROTC and ROTC drill teams, color guards, small teams and soloists! Download the SOP for more information. If you need further help, join the Facebook group, Military Drill Professionals, to contact the cadet in charge of the competition.

Click here to download the 2015 NIDM SOP PDF.

Michigan Online Drill Competition 4 Results!

I just finished judging the MIODC4 and the results are great! Wonderful Drillers were involved, as usual, and an “old” face showed up again after his stint with the US Army Old Guard Silent Drill Team.

I have to say that, after viewing the videos and creating the audio feedback files, I was curious to see who had progressed since their last MIODC and I was shocked! The score jumps were amazing! (Click here for the first 2014 MIODC3 info, MIODC2 2013 results and MIODC1 results). Since the WDA adjudication system has written standards to go with the scores, it is then very easy to see in what areas a Driller needs improvement and also in what areas that a Driller does well. The system is the only way to truly pick apart a performance and see what is working and how it works.

The competition was judged using the World Drill Association adjudication system. Visit the Downloads page to download and read the score sheets to get a better idea of what goes into the scoring. Click here for more information on the World Drill Association and my books: World Drill Association Adjudication Manual, and Continuing Education for the WDA Judge.

I encourage you to compete in the next competition. Find out more by going to the MIDC Facebook Group by clicking here or ask me about it.

Click the name to download/listen to each DrillMaster Performance Critique (in performance order).

DrillMaster’s Intro

  1. Trey Burge,
  2. Devin Milhem,
  3. Devin Milhem- Blade
  4. Josh Gill,
  5. Soda Hester,
  6. Chris Scanlan,
  7. Francisco Campos,
  8. Luis Alvarado,
  9. CJ Braun,
  10. Trey Burge- Blade
  11. Troy Johnson,
  12. Joshua Doyle,
  13. Tony Stephen- Blade, 
  14. Tony Stephen,
  15. Andres Ryan,
  16. Andres Ryan- Blade

Placements! Click here to download the Stub RECAP and Ordinals* and Blade RECAP and Ordinals* PDFs.

*Ordinals means the rankings for each caption for each Driller: who placed first in each caption/sub caption, not just the overall score!

Here is the YouTube playlist for MIODC4:

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Michigan Online Drill Competition 2014-1 Results!

Drill team training and honor guard training at its best!

The 2014-1 Michigan Online Drill Competition is in the books! What a great competition-

Here is the link for the playlist of the competitor’s videos on YouTube.

Judging: I used the World Drill Association adjudication system developed by Winter Guard International and adapted for the military drill world be me in 2010. The captions judged are Overall Effect, Composition Analysis, Equipment and Movement.

And here are the links for my commentaries. You can download them or click and listen. In order of competition:

  1. Holste
  2. Johnson
  3. Cromwell
  4. Burge
  5. Suvero
  6. Scanlan
  7. Snyder
  8. Stephen

Those are the critiques, and here are the placements and scores (out of 100).

  1. Cromwell 22.4
  2. Johnson 22.1
  3. Scanlan 20.6
  4. Snyder 20.2
  5. Stephen 19.5
  6. Suvero 19.1
  7. Burge 17
  8. Holste 15.7

Download the Score RECAP PDF here. Download the Ordinals (Placements) RECAP here.

Scoring Info
Hey! Why are the score so low? Because this judging system looks at the whole routine from 4 different angles. You don’t get that in any other competition. Only a WDA- and DrillMaster-sanctioned event. The most common aspect of any kind of performance that just about everyone recognizes right away is how the performance makes you feel. That is called “effect.” But there is much more to a performance than meets the untrained eye and many Drillers are not yet aware of each of these aspects. It’s a learning process for everyone and one of which I am proud to be a part.

Relatively low score like these in NO WAY diminish the fact that these Drillers have put in countless hours of work. They are all winners by the fact that htey have stepped up to the plate again and again in practice.

Visit the Downloads page to download and read the score sheets to get a better idea of what goes into the scoring.

Click here for more information on the World Drill Association and my books: World Drill Association Adjudication Manual, and Continuing Education for the WDA Judge.

I encourage you to compete in the next competition. Find out more by going to the MIDC Facebook Group by clicking here or ask me about it.

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Florida Air Academy Joint Service Drill Meet 2014

FFlair 14 064lorida Air Academy Joint Service Drill Meet 2014

The Florida Air Academy (FAA) AFJROTC Department and the DrillMaster teamed up to create the first annual FAA Joint Service Drill Competition and on March 25, 2014 the competition was in full swing. Schools from Brevard County and even Martin County (their first ever competition!) came to march, have a free lunch (which was just wonderful) and compete for guidon streamers, overall trophies and, get ready for this, CASH prizes!

World Drill AssociationNot only was this the first drill meet hosted by FAA, the first competition for Martin County High School, but there was another first as well: FAA decided to use the World Drill Association (WDA) Adjudication system. This is the first time the WDA system has been used at the JROTC level. It has been used as the basis for many independent drill competitions across America and now, the JROTC drill world has had it’s introduction into the only adjudication system that is based on visual judging and has score range descriptions- which means that scores actually mean something and are not just a random number. We believe it is only a matter of time until more teams/schools will want this educational judging system for their competitions. For more information on the WDA, click here and click here and here for information on the 2 WDA adjudication books.

Flair 14 070Judging was handled by Army recruiters and a police officer from West Melbourne. Yes, a police officer! She retired from the Army in ’09 and was thrilled to be asked to judge. We were happy to have our local Army recruiters and our very own police officer.

Plans are underway to create a bigger and better competition for next year- including creating and independent category for Drillers who are not affiliated with a school to come and compete. If you are interested in competing or judging, let me know by clicking here to contact me.

The cadets at Florida Air Academy (FL-032) would like to thank the participates who helped make our first drill meet a success and invite everyone else to consider us for next years event. We started off this first year with two Air Force units and two Army units, seven different categories, and 28 events. The points we used to count overall placings were restricted to events that had at least three different units participating. The results of the FAAJSSC were:
Update on awards:

Eau Gallie High School
Overall 1st Place = $500.00

1st Place Unarmed Inspection = $100.00

1st Place Unarmed Regulation Drill = $100.00

1st Place Color Guard = $100.00

Martin County High School

Overall 2nd Place = $250.00

2nd Place Unarmed Inspection $50.00

2nd Place Unarmed Regulation Drill = $50.00

2nd Place Color Guard = $50.00

Cocoa Beach High School

3rd Place Overall = $100.00

3rd Place Unarmed Inspection = $25.00

2nd Place Unarmed Squad = $50.00

3rd Place Unarmed Squad = $25.00

3rd Place Color Guard = $25.00

Astronaut High School

3rd Place Unarmed Regulation Drill = 25.00

1st Place Armed Inspection = $100.00

1st Place Armed Regulation = $100.00

1st Place Armed Exhibition Squad = $100.00

1st Place Unarmed Squad = $100.00

1st Place Armed Regulation Squad =$100.00

For more pictures from the day’s competition, click here to go to The DrillMaster Flikr Site.

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