Summer Comp Series

Ladies and gentlemen! It started with NYDC09 (New York Drill Competition) and has been on the minds of many Drillers to start their own home-grown competition. Well, here is the guidance many have been looking for!

Guidance for those wanting to host their own drill meet and/or honor guard competition.

Visit the Downloads page or you can click these links:

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure, a term used in the US Army.

*These are on PDF format. If you would like to host your own drill competition, send me an email and let me know and that way you can have the Word documents to use.

What’s in it for the Competition Host?

Download the tools above and you have hours of work and years of experience in your hands. Take the tools and run with them! Develop your own competition for your friends and fellow Drillers in your area. Have fun and gain experience.

What’s in it for the The DrillMaster?

To do what I set out to do when I first began writing Exhibition Drill For The Military Drill Team back in 1990, pass on my knowledge and experience to others, educate Drillers and raise the level of competition and judging in the military drill world.

I’m here to help and I welcome your feedback!

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