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Have you wanted to Write for the Military Drill World?

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In 1990 I began my first book, Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team. I didn’t know that it was going to be a published book, I thought I’d write out a few drill moves and offer it to whoever wanted a copy- for free. However, in 2009, with a big shove into the unknown from my wife and my daughter, I finally published what I call XDI. I never considered myself a writer, how was I to know?

Fast forward to 2014 and I have written over 1000 articles and am working on books 8-12. So, I guess that qualifies me as a writer now and maybe you are in the same boat; you have an idea, but don’t really know how to get it out there. Well, that’s where I come in.

Under the name/title, The DrillMaster, I have created education, training and certification programs for members of the military drill world and here is another program: guest writer for this blog.

A guest writer would write on any topic that is within the realm of military drill: regulation, exhibition, ceremonial- or maybe you have thought of another tie-in on one of the above subjects that has not been covered here, something new and you have wanted to reach Drillers each day around the globe.

Dozens of people from around the world read this blog each day. Depending on the time of year (the school year, specific holidays or ceremonial-type days), this blog, as of 2014 averages over 600 hits per day.

If you would like to, write. Use the articles here as a guide and provide a picture or two or even a diagram with your article. When you think you are ready to have it published on this blog, send me an email through my Contact page stating that you are interested and I will get back to you right away so that you can forward me the article(s) you have in mind.

Get paid to write?
Well, not exactly. But if I do feel that your article would be a good addition to the next edition of my book, Filling in the Gaps, then I will send you a copy of one of my books that you choose while giving you full credit in the book- your name will will be in print as a contributing author!

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Need I say it? No plagiarism…

About Rifle Tape Design

Rifle Tape Design- Less is More

A friend of mine, Antonio Carreras, asked for some advice for his rifle tape design. This first picture is what he had accomplished:

Rifle Tape Design

In the picture above you can see black and red tape in horizontal stripes on a white stock (this is the Glendale DrillAmerica 1903 replica rifle- the only rifle available with a white, black or brown stock). This is a great color combination on a white background. Blue would also work well. A lighter color like yellow might work, but only if it has tape of a darker color on either side and even then it may not work all that well with the larger white background.

On with the critique of the picture above I wrote, consistency in tape design would work better. The red-in-black on white is very eye catching. A sling is a must- a sling completes the look of the rifle.

As you can see in the tape design in the first picture, the inconsistency of the design looks a bit confusing. While having the red-in-black in the middle of the rifle, one may be able to pick up either single color in a place here or there, but if it is too far away from the middle, the color use may be lost and look confusing.

Rifle Tape Design

For the second picture I suggested that Antonio may want to remove the tape at the upper sling swivel (less is more). But for him to see what it looks like when spinning, it may be too much color. The key here is seeing what the design looks like when spinning.

School Colors
Many replica rifles come in black and this is the perfect palette on which to create a design. The Army JROTC unit that I’ve worked with on Merritt Island has school colors of gold and black. Yellow tape was perfect for the black Daisy Drill rifles that the male cadets use and the black DrillAmerica Parade Rifles (also available in brown and white) that the female cadets use.

A Spinning Design
Creating a design that looks different or actually reveals a recognizable image during spinning can be a challenge, but it has been accomplished! Eron “Spinsane” Fayson, I friend of mine for a number of years, created the design pictured below. The tape design on the rifle at the bottom of the picture reveals a the number “5” when the rifle is spinning fast enough.

Rifle Tape Design

When Eron developed this design and revealed it to the drill world we were all amazed at how the “5” appeared. It was a first back then, a few years ago, and now needs to be further explored. Notice how the tape is minimal (again, less is more) and works well.

Horizontal stripes all over the rifle don’t necessarily work all that well. Vertical stripes really don’t work at all unless they are strategically placed on the rifle and specifically part of a design. However…

Night drilling?
Do I have an idea for you! A friend of mine works an odd schedule with school taking up most of his time, so he mostly works on his drill routine at night. But he has a black Daisy Drill Rifle. It’s difficult to see. Until now:

Tape a Rifle

Besides the, uh, colorful background, the tape, as you can see, is quite eye-catching and Max, my friend who sent me this picture, really like the look as well as having it help him see the rifle in low light.

Experiment, find your design. Have fun!

Here are some wonderful designs submitted by Omar Zamora, a drill coach and exhibition Driller.

Omar's Rifles1 Omar's Rifles2 Omar's Rifles3 Omar's Rifles4 Omar's Rifles7 Omar's Rifles8 Omar's Rifles9 Omar's Rifles10 Omar's Rifles11 Omar's Rifles12

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Michigan Online Drill Competition 2014-1 Results!

Drill team training and honor guard training at its best!

The 2014-1 Michigan Online Drill Competition is in the books! What a great competition-

Here is the link for the playlist of the competitor’s videos on YouTube.

Judging: I used the World Drill Association adjudication system developed by Winter Guard International and adapted for the military drill world be me in 2010. The captions judged are Overall Effect, Composition Analysis, Equipment and Movement.

And here are the links for my commentaries. You can download them or click and listen. In order of competition:

  1. Holste
  2. Johnson
  3. Cromwell
  4. Burge
  5. Suvero
  6. Scanlan
  7. Snyder
  8. Stephen

Those are the critiques, and here are the placements and scores (out of 100).

  1. Cromwell 22.4
  2. Johnson 22.1
  3. Scanlan 20.6
  4. Snyder 20.2
  5. Stephen 19.5
  6. Suvero 19.1
  7. Burge 17
  8. Holste 15.7

Download the Score RECAP PDF here. Download the Ordinals (Placements) RECAP here.

Scoring Info
Hey! Why are the score so low? Because this judging system looks at the whole routine from 4 different angles. You don’t get that in any other competition. Only a WDA- and DrillMaster-sanctioned event. The most common aspect of any kind of performance that just about everyone recognizes right away is how the performance makes you feel. That is called “effect.” But there is much more to a performance than meets the untrained eye and many Drillers are not yet aware of each of these aspects. It’s a learning process for everyone and one of which I am proud to be a part.

Relatively low score like these in NO WAY diminish the fact that these Drillers have put in countless hours of work. They are all winners by the fact that htey have stepped up to the plate again and again in practice.

Visit the Downloads page to download and read the score sheets to get a better idea of what goes into the scoring.

Click here for more information on the World Drill Association and my books: World Drill Association Adjudication Manual, and Continuing Education for the WDA Judge.

I encourage you to compete in the next competition. Find out more by going to the MIDC Facebook Group by clicking here or ask me about it.

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New Guard America’s High-Impact Drill Rifle Stocks!

New Guard America’s High-Impact Drill Rifle Stocks!

New Guard America has created of some of the strongest, if not THE strongest stocks available for the exhibition Driller.

DrillUp! A New Program from the DrillMaster

DrillUp DrillMaster's Movement Training Workshop
DrillUp, DrillMaster’s Movement Training Workshop

Taking Exhibition Drill to the “next level.”

DrillUp is a new intensive movement clinic designed specifically for the military Driller.The DrillMaster has taken the service drill manuals and condensed them into an easily learnable structure- but that’s not all! Cadets who attend will learn how to stand and move in a much more healthy and professional manner, imagine the improvement in you and your team!

Stay tuned, there is much more to come!

Click here to go to the Downloads page to get the information sheet

You won’t get this information anywhere else- exclusively from The DrillMaster!

DrillUp! Movement Clinic
DrillUp! and the DrillUp! Arrow are copyright, John K. Marshall, The DrillMaster

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DrillMaster Reviews the Glendale DrillAmerica M1 Garand with Angel Solis

Angel and I were together for this review after I brought him up to Kentucky to give my Cadet Joint Service Honor Guard Academy cadets a taste of what armed exhibition drill is all about.

The DrillAmerica M1 Garand and M1903 are the best ceremonial rifles you can buy especially since they come in chromed versions. For Drillers, no better beginning rifle and these rifles can last well into years of exhibition drill if the Driller does not desire switching to a demilitarized rifle.

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