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The DrillMaster Driller’s Bayonet is Here!

Yes, folks, it’s taken me a while, but I have worked very diligently to create this bayonet from my original idea of a safer blade for Drillers. I was finally able to make my mark on the blade as well! And I’m not finished. There is more to come for the bayonet and other products. How do you order it? send me a message through this website, email, Twitter or Facebook and we will make the arrangements through PayPal. $55 including shipping. $45 if you buy it from me in person.

This is an M1 bayonet and fits both the M1903 and M1 Garand rifles. Click here and read all about bayonets.

Specifications: The length is about 13.5 inches. I may offer a standard 16-inch length, unless I receive feedback that the current length is fine. The weight is 14.9 oz.

WAIT! “I need an upper band with a bayonet lug!” I hear you! Click here and read this info!

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This is a sample DrillMaster Bayonet