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Flag Pole Height Chart and Maritime Flag Arrangements

Flag Pole HeightFor our purposes, flagpole means a permanent pole cemented into the ground and flagstaff is one that is carried.

For flagpoles a general rule of thumb is the height of the flag should be 1/3 or 1/5 the height of the flagpole (the pole should be three or five times the height of the flag). Here is an example.

For a twenty-five foot flagpole:

  • 1/5 of twenty-five is five.
  • 1/3 of twenty-five is eight (rounded down).

Flying a flag that is larger than recommended could result in damage to the flagpole, halyard and/or hardware.

Standardized Military Flag Sizes:

These are the only authorized flag sizes flown from military flagpoles for each service.

  • Storm Flag: 5’x9’
  • Post/Base Flag: 10’x19’
  • Garrison Flag: 20’x36’

Flagpole and Equivalent Flag Size Chart (1/5)

15’: 3’x5’
20’: 3’x5’ – 4’x6’
25’: 4’x6’ – 5’x8’
30’: 5’x8’ – 6’x10’
35’: 6’x10’ – 8’x12’
40’: 6’x10’ – 10’x15’
45’: 8’x12’ – 10’x15’
50’: 10’x15’- 12’x18’
60’: 10’x15’- 15’x25’
70’: 12’x18’ – 20’x30’
80’: 15’x25’ – 20’x38’
90’: 15’x25’ – 20’x38’
100’: 15’x25’ – 30’X60’

Maritime Flag Arrangements

Maritime Mast

For the most part, the provisions of the Flag Code are manifest in the traditions and customs for the display of the Ensign ( American flag) by seamen. The following provisions are made for the display of the flag on a mast located on a base.

1. Single Mast (no Yard or Gaff)
” Ensign is flown at the truck (#1).
” All other flags are pennants flown below Ensign.

2. Mast with Yard:
” Ensign is flown at the truck (#1).
” Organizational burgee (flag) is flown at the starboard (right) yard arm (#3).

3. Mast with a Yard and Gaff:
” Ensign is flown at the gaff (#2).
” Burgee is flown at the truck (#1).
” Flags at #3 and #4 vary depending on the activity at the organization.

It is display #3 which causes the most confusion. This puts the club burgee in a higher position physically, but not above that of the Ensign symbolically. By the normal Flag Code provisions, this would seem to be an incorrect display. The tradition of the seas, however, is to hold the gaff as the position of honor; thus, the intent of this tradition and display is to give proper respect to the flag.

Where a yard is involved, rules provide that when a foreign ensign is displayed, the Ensign is flown at #3; the foreign ensign at #4; the club burgee at #1; and other flags at #2.

The gaff extends aft (to the rear), and a mast on yacht club grounds is faced seaward. Therefore the gaff will (or should) be directed toward the land. The observation point then becomes a point somewhere on the sea side of the mast. This then makes the placement of the Ensign in regard to the foreign ensign conform to Flag Code provisions.


All About Flag Sizes

flag-on-pole blog-collinsflags-com(In general) A flag does not have fringe and is flown from a stationary or mounted pole. The picture, at right, is of a stationary pole courtesy of blog.collinsflag.com. The picture at left is of a mounted flagpole. This picture is courtesy of flagpolefarm.com. These are for “outdoor flags” and are never fringed.

an_outrigger_pole_set flagpolefarm-comOn the other hand, a color has fringe and is what a color team carries and presents or posts. The Marine Corps never uses a fringed National Color.

Flag Size Information

  • State flags come in standard sizes 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’
  • US flags come in sizes 2’x3’, 2’6”x4’, 3’x4’, 3’x5’, 4’4”x5’6”, 4’x6’, 5’x8’
  • Branch of Service flags come in sizes 3’x5’ and 4’x6’
  • Military Unit flags are 3’x4’
  • General’s/Admiral’s flags come in sizes 3’x4’ and 3’x5’
  • Army JROTC flags come in size 3’x4’

Mount and carry the flag sizes in bold on an eight-foot flagstaff and the flags identified with bold blue text sizes on a nine-foot six-inch flagstaff. These are the only two sizes used by a military or military-type honor guard/color team. Sizes include the flagstaff ornament.

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