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How not to Stand Around while on a Color Team

This is a Base Honor Guard ready to present the colors at a game. They are standing and waiting for their time to line up and get ready to go. Nothing wrong with that, except that the colors are out of order which is completely unacceptable. When the colors are uncased, they need to be in the proper order- always. No ands, ifs or buts.

Again, this picture is posted for education and training purposes.

base honor guard, color team, color guard, honor guard training
A USAF Base Honor Guard Color Team

picture courtesy of lifeandcuriosity on Tumblr.

base honor guard, color team, color guard, how not to, honor guard training

How NOT to Present the Colors

The room was small and quite crowded for the graduation ceremony. Still, there is NO reason to present a rolled up American (or any other) flag- and badly rolled, I might add- at any ocassion. Ever.

Why do I post pictures like this? Education and training- and that’s it. This picture shows a lack of training and pointing out the mistake is not meant to tear down, but to educate. The more we can learn by others’ mistakes, the hopefully less mistakes we all will make. I love the uniforms, by the way.

how not to post the colors, Wash. D.C. Dept of Corrections Honor Guard, honor guard training
Wash. D.C. Dept of Corrections Honor Guard

Photo is courtesy of the Washington D.C. Department of Corrections.