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Another Meeting of Great Minds

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the former commander of the Merchant Marine Academy Drill Team, Nick Sottile and his father. Nick and I first met at the 2012 Tulane Drill Meet and then again when his team was the opening performance for the 2012 Joint Service Drill Competition.

Nick is a recent graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy and is now a Mearsk employee and a Navy Reserve officer. He will be working on his drill and wants to continue to compete when he is home.

It was great seeing Nick again and I wish him all of the Lord’s blessings for his future!

JSDC12 Recordings!

After weeks of wrestling with a software problem, I finally figured out the problem and Voila! Here are the Overall Effect commentaries I made for the Joint Service Drill Competition (Meet) of 2012.

Merchant Marine Academy Silent Drill Team

Coast GuardĀ Drill Team

Navy Silent Drill Team

Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

Air ForceĀ Drill Team

Army Silent Drill Team

Download, listen, learn, reflect, etc. :-)