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The Logos of the DrillMaster and WDA

The Logos of The DrillMaster and The World Drill Association

The first logo, The World Drill Association, created in this series was created in 2009 by a colleague who used his image. However, the logo was not finished and in 2010 I reworked the design slightly and then came up with the Drillmaster and Adjudication Corps logos and used the common theme of the Driller. In 2012 I came up with the DrillMaster University logo.

Why have the Driller in each logo? It’s the common theme of exhibition drill. The Driller is armed, but that does not mean unarmed Drillers are left out of the mix!

Who’s the Driller and what rifle is it? The Driller is me and the rifle is a Daisy Drill Rifle. My daughter, Courtkne, took both pictures when we lived in Germany and I had a friend of mine create the images.

But wait, there’s more!

Just built over the weekend! I will be creating the directories and other things and this Monday progresses!

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