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The Ultra-Reinforced DrillMaster Bayonet

DrillMaster and Air Force Honor Guard Airmen
TSgt Carmen Hassell and the proud Airmen of the USAF Honor Guard Supply

It took three months to create the final version of the Ultra-Reinforced DrillMaster bayonet. The DrillMaster worked with the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team and Supply Airmen to create this extremely reinforced bayonet.

The picture below is the final version. extra spot welds and a small plate of steel to reinforce the handle. This DrillMaster Bayonet* is the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team’s new practice bayonet.

DrillMaster Ultra-Reinforced Bayonet

How it Began
An Airman on the current AFHG Drill Team, SrA Jason Black, contacted my about my bayonets since they do not have a sharp edge or point- a much safer alternative than what they use in performances. The issue was training new members of the team and having them more comfortable with not only spinning a rifle, but having a bayonet on the end.

The Welded DrillMaster Bayonet was the answer, or so we thought. That and two more versions broke after training with it for a while. They needed something extremely strong to take the rigors of a new drill team member constantly dropping the rifle without the constant breakage that the team experienced. SrA Gabriel Goldsborough and finally, A1C Johnathen Howard finished the whole process.

You can now benefit from these three months of work and information exchange between the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team and The DrillMaster. Click here to go to the DrillMaster Bayonet page.

*Patent pending


You Don’t Really Need to Practice?

exhibition drill, drill team, drill rifle

You don’t really need to practice! You will be able to throw a rifle around in just a matter of weeks, especially if you sleep with your drill rifle under your pillow.

OK, enough sarcasm, you need to practice. Every day. For a couple of hours at least and then wake up and do it again. World-class Driller Sam Gozo and I spoke a while ago about a question I received. The question was, “How did Sam Gozo get to be so good?” Years of practice. I knew and judged Sam while he was still in high school and he was very good then. Now, Sam’s work in the box is absolutely stunning at times. How did he get that way? Well, he practiced a little bit here and there and lamented that he was not better and by him being concerned that he was not better, he magically started to get better at drill. NOT! He practiced for countless hours over the last several years- and still practices! It takes time.

The cadets I work with at Merritt Island High School here in Florida here me say “One more time” at every practice and they know that it’s not going to be just that one more time. You need to do the same thing over and over and over and then do it again. Learn a new skill, perfect it and then move on to another skill.

exhibition drill, drill team, drill rifleAre you new to the military drill world? Learn how to stand at Attention, execute facing movements, the rest positions, saluting, static dress and cover, perfect them and then start marching. Learn columns, flanks, dress and cover while marching, perfect them and then pick up a rifle. Learn the basics: Port, shoulder, Present, Order, Sling, perfect them and move on. Learn the Port Spin, single-hand spins, the single toss, double, triple toss. Perfect each and move to the next exhibition/fancy drill move. Learn and perfect. Learn and perfect. The cycle never stops. Do you know why Adam Jeup is so good at performing individual moves? Practice, practice, practice. How did Matt Wendling do so well when he was in high school? Practice! These Drillers didn’t have their skills handed to them on a platter and that moment start drilling with an amazing style and perfect execution, they practiced for years.

exhibition drill, drill team, drill rifleHave you been practicing for a year or so and can’t seem to better yourself? It could be that you need to do more than just practice with a rifle. Weights and aerobic exercise will help with general health and will also help you improve your drill? Are you winded after one intense sequence in your routine and have to stop and rest? Start running and some other aerobic exercise- running through that same sequence back-to-back is also a good way to increase stamina. Do you have shaky muscles or does the rifle jolt your body around? Work your core muscles so that they are nothing but solid.

The point is that it takes months of unending practice; constant repetition and more practice. It is true for the armed or unarmed JROTC Driller or the Olympic athlete.


exhibition drill, drill team, drill rifle

exhibition drill, armed drill, drill team, drill meet, drill competition, drill team training, bayonet, m1 garand, m1903, daisy drill rifle, glendale drillamerica

DrillMaster Reviews the Glendale DrillAmerica M1 Garand with Angel Solis

Angel and I were together for this review after I brought him up to Kentucky to give my Cadet Joint Service Honor Guard Academy cadets a taste of what armed exhibition drill is all about.

The DrillAmerica M1 Garand and M1903 are the best ceremonial rifles you can buy especially since they come in chromed versions. For Drillers, no better beginning rifle and these rifles can last well into years of exhibition drill if the Driller does not desire switching to a demilitarized rifle.

[embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”591″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/15E0UVg” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/eDDGEeNBDJo?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=eDDGEeNBDJo&width=591&height=360&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep5217″ /]
drillmaster, drillamerica, m1 garand, m1 grand, glendale, paradestore, replica rifle, fake rifle, drill team, drill rifle

The DrillAmerica M1 Garand Replica Rifle Review

Angel Solis with The DrillMaster

[embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”591″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/15E0UVg” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/eDDGEeNBDJo?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=eDDGEeNBDJo&width=591&height=360&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8553″ /]
drillamerica, m1 garand, parade rifle, drill rifle, exhibition rifle, drillmaster product review

How to Sand Your Stock

How to Sand Your Stock

[embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”591″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/7DpZOGp-clM?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=7DpZOGp-clM&width=591&height=360&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1157″ /]

The DrillMaster Education and Training System: Filling in the Gaps

The DrillMaster: Filling in the Gaps Cover, exhibition drill, fancy drill, freestyle drill
The DrillMaster: Filling in the Gaps Cover

The DrillMaster Education and Training System: Drill Team Training- The DrillMaster: Filling in the Gaps

Knowledge is key: educate yourself!

Drill Team Training: Filling in the gaps for the Exhibition Drill books and the Honor Guard Manual. After publishing these books, questions arose that I answered and ideas came to me, all of which I wrote in articles on my website, thedrillmaster.org. This is a collection of all of those educational articles from 2012. Collected and published to help independent Drillers, drill teams and honor guard units who are seeking to constantly improve and increase their knowledge.

This book accompanies Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II and The Honor Guard Manual.

The Table of Contents
Chapter 1 JUDGING.. 13

The Process of Certification. 14

Becoming a Certified DrillMaster 14

World Drill Association Judge Certification. 14

Regarding Competition. 16

Military Drill Judging. 17

Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic! 21

Stand Still Laddy! 22

Appreciating Creative Ability. 23

It’s Natural to be Negative. 24

What is Derived Achievement?. 26

The Essence of Judging Military Drill 27

How Drops Affect Scoring. 29

What Happens if you Drop a Rifle During a Drill Team Performance?. 30

What is the “SuperSquad” Competition. 31

Chapter 2 DRILL TEAMS. 33

Thinking Outside the Box. 34

Becoming a Professional Driller 34

Yeah, But He Just Dances. 36

What is a Military Drill Team?. 37

What is “Military Flavor”. 39

Regarding a Driller’s Bearing. 39

Ripple Lines. 41

What is Vocabulary?. 42

How to Expand Your Vocabulary. 43

What is Articulation?. 44

What is Audience Engagement?. 45

Excellence as an Effect 46

Programing, Programing, Programing. 46

Breath Control 48

Why Do We Practice the Way We Do?. 48

Issues to Consider When Designing/Programing a Routine. 50

Does Drill Team Style Matter to Win?. 50

Does Drill Rifle Type Matter?. 51

Learning to Drop. 52

Know What to Say and When to Say it 53

How’s Your Recovery?. 54

Sample Questions for a Drill Competition. 55

Thinking Outside of the Box. 56

Stepping and the Military Drill Team.. 57

The Opening Statement 57

Exhibition Drill Moves. 59

How to Switch Sides During a Column Movement 60

Marching Commands Matrix. 60


The Let Flank and the Column Left 64

The Column Movement 65

The Army Description (TC 3-21.5) 66

Commander Procedures for Column Movements. 70

The Column Half Left (Right) 73

How to Mark Time Properly. 77

Regulation Drill: What I Would Like to See. 78

Chapter 3 HONOR GUARDS. 83

How to Train an Honor Guard. 84

Sweat the Small Stuff 84

Echo and Silver Taps. 86

The Six-Man Flag Fold. 87

POW/MIA Hat Table Ceremony. 88

Can the POW/MIA Flag be in a Color Guard?. 94

All About the POW/MIA Flag and More. 94

The Fallen First Responder Ceremony. 98

How to Adjust During a Performance. 102

The 3-Volley and 21-Gun Salutes. 103

How to Join a Service Honor Guard. 106

Dispelling Tomb Guard “Facts”. 108

“Stop me if you’ve Heard this one…”. 113

How to Fold a Fringed American Flag. 115

All About the Flag on the Casket 115

Honor Guard Competitions: What I’d Like to See. 117

Chapter 4 COLOR TEAM (GUARD) 119

All About the Flagstaff 120

Joint Service Order 121

The Makeup of a Color Team.. 123

When to use The Ceremonial Pike Pole and Fire Axe. 125

Who is in Charge of a Joint Service Color Team?. 126

Authorized Formations for a Color Team.. 127

Color Team Spacing. 129

Color Bearer Port Arms. 130

Every Left On. 131

To Fringe or not to Fringe, That is the question. 133

The Marines Got it Right! 136

American Indian Sovereign Nation Flag Order 137

Can the POW/MIA Flag be in a Color Team?. 138

What is Color Team Exhibition Drill?. 139

“Unarmed” Colors. 139

“Fancy” Right Shoulder?. 140

Can a color team use rifles with bayonets or even use swords or sabers?. 140

Chapter 5 THE AMERICAN FLAG.. 141

Dipping the American Flag. 142

The American Flag at Half-Staff 143

When National Tragedy Strikes. 147

What to do When the Flag Passes. 148

US and POW/MIA Flags at Half-Staff?. 148

Are state flags flown at half-staff on September 11th?. 149

Chapter 6 MOTIVATIONAL. 151

What I strive For 152

Hard Work, Discipline, Desire and….. 152

Discipline at Practice. 152

Chapter 7 TRAINING.. 155

Learning by Word of Mouth. 156

First Step- and Hot to Step Off 156

The Mechanics of the First Step. 157

How to Half Step Properly. 158

How to Train When Not Practicing. 161

Practice Makes Permanent-Feet 162

Practice Makes Permanent- Knees and Hips. 165

Practice Makes Permanent- Shoulders. 165

Balance. 168

Posture. 169

Muscle Memory. 172

Chapter 8 DRILLFIT. 175

DrillFit: The Wood Chopper Exercise Variation with Rifle. 176

DrillFit: Side Bend with Rifle Exercise. 178

Book Exclusive: Exercises with a Rifle. 180


All About Being a Leader 184

New Leader Syndrome. 184

Do You Discourage or Encourage?. 185

Licensing Music For a Performance. 186

The DrillMaster at Nationals. 186

Shoes for the Driller 187

Taps. 189

Competing with the “Best of the Best of the Best”. 189

“May the Best Man Win”. 189

Good Sportsmanship. 190

The Shoulder Cord. 190

How to Write Drill 192

How to Shape a beret 194

The History of the Challenge Coin. 195

Open or Closed Method?. 195

The Four Temperament Types. 196

Taller Tap. 200

“As I Was!”. 201

Roman Drill and Where Some of Our Commands Come From.. 201

A Short History of American Military Drill 202

How to Prepare for a Competition. 203

How to Hold the Rifle While at Either Shoulder 205

Calling Commands. 206

Copy or Version?. 207

The DrillMaster Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) 208

Twitter hash Tags for the Military Drill World. 209

What do you Want to be When You Grow Up?. 210


Color Team.. 212

If the Colors are cased would you dip the flag during a salute?. 212

Colors and Spacing. 212

What Makes a Color Team Good?. 213

How Many Flags can a JROTC Color Team Carry?. 214

Can the Army color guard perform in the dark?. 214

Do military color guards use real bayonets?. 215

What side is the American flag and rifles when marching?. 215

What are the AFJROTC regulations  for flying flag at half-staff?. 215

What is the size of the staff for an Army color guard?. 215

Does a guidon need a pike if it’s outside?. 215

When on a color team and at Parade Rest, do you lean the flagstaffs forward like a guidon?. 216

Does a service color guard swing their arms while marching?. 216

When is US flag dipped?. 216

Why are the rifles carried on the outside shoulder in a military color guard?. 216

Can a Color Team use pistols?. 216

What are the facing movements a color team (color guard) can make?. 216

When Should One Call Cadence?. 217

Drill Team.. 217

Team Training Difficulties. 217

Are there AFROTC exhibition drill regulations?. 218

What are the JROTC Standards for Earning a Color Guard Shoulder Cord?. 218

The Flank and the Slide. 218

What is the Straight-Leg Marching Technique?. 218

Where Can I Find a Complete List of Exhibition Drill Moves?. 219

Writing Drill 219

Who Makes the Rifles That Drill Teams Use?. 221

Ask the DrillMaster: Instructors for Military Exhibition Drill?. 223

What are the Restrictions  on Buying JROTC parade/drill  replica 19 03 Rifle?. 223

How can we make our JROTC drill team better?. 224

How do you Instill Esprit de Corps?. 224

Are Drill Team Bayonets Sharp?. 224

Who Manufactures  the Mark 1 Parade Rifle?. 225

Can I use an M1 Rifle for Exhibition Drill?. 225

Is it Illegal to use a Bayonet on a Drill Rifle?. 225

Is the Guidon Bearer the Pivot Point?. 225

Are Springfield  1903 demilitarized  rifles legal?. 225

What are pivots in marching band?. 225

From India: why is drill necessary in the armed forces?. 226

How do you make a drill team better?. 226

How can I learn the drills for JROTC faster?. 226

Is the Glendale M1903 rifle better than a Daisy Drill Rifle?. 226

How do you Train a CAP Drill Team?. 227

I need “how-tos” for rifle Exhibition Moves. 227

Where can I buy a Daisy Drill Rifle in [insert your town, city or state?] 227

How much trouble can you get in if you drop your gun in drill team?. 227

When stepping off, when do you use your right foot first?. 228

Our Drill Team commander says our rifles weigh 12 pounds. 228

What is the difference between Regulation Drill and Exhibition Drill?. 228

What can one do at Order Arms?. 228

I’m starting a drill team and am in need of some ideas. 229

Exhibition Drill Synch Question. 229

Honor Guard. 230

How do I start an honor guard?. 230

If the American flag is at half-mast where is the state flag?. 230

Why do military honor guard march toe-first?. 230

The number of members in an honor guard can range from?. 231

Is the POW/MIA table required at holiday parties?. 231

When is the POW/MIA table and/or script required in the Navy?. 231

What does the Bible represent on the fallen comrade table?. 231

Sprinkling on the Flag?. 231

The Flag as a Receptacle?. 232

Mounted Flag Questions. 232

What is the Difference Between the Marine Color Guard and Honor Guard?. 232

What are the qualifications  for a JROTC honor guard?. 232

How do you sew honor guard aiguillette onto enlisted USAF service coat?. 233

What are the requirements for an Army 15 gun volley at funeral?. 233

What is the AF Honor Guard arm swing?. 233

Do all armed forces stand watch over caskets?. 233

Can Echo (Silver) Taps be played by one person?. 233

Can honor guard members still wear metal taps after service on the honor guard?. 233

How does one call cadence for honor guard?. 234

What are the responsibilities  of an honor guard flight leader?. 234

Competition. 234

The WDA Adjudication System.. 234

Competing in Rounds. 234

What’s graded at a drill competition?. 235

What does one need to run a drill meet?  235


exhibition drill, armed drill, drill team, drill meet, drill competition, drill team training, bayonet, M1 Garand, M1903, M14, daisy drill rifle, Glendale DrillAmerica, fancy drill, freestyle drill

The DrillMaster Education and Training System: Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II

Drill team training: Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II
The Second Book for drill team training: Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II

The DrillMaster Education and Training System: Drill Team Training- Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol II
The follow-up to Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team. Where the first book left off, Volume II gives you in-depth and broader information. Continue your education with the second book in the only series for drill team training.

A reader’s review: Exhibition Drill For The Military Drill Team, Vol II, is an excellent resource for those who have very little to no drill experience and yet still contains information for those experienced in drill. Volume II is written in an easy to understand style and is directed towards instructors and cadets. It contains all you ever wanted to know about drill and maybe more. One could actually build a team from scratch using Volumes I and II and be extremely competitive

The Table of Contents

The Professional Driller 9

Exhibition Drill: Building from the Foundation. 9

Things to consider for a performance: 10

Reporting-in or -out: 11

Speaking When Spoken To. 12

Uniform and Equipment How-To’s, Care and Maintenance. 13

But, how do I really make a routine?. 15

Performing to Music. 21

The Commander: Rifle or Sword/Saber?. 22

Offering Feedback. 22

Terminology: 23

Which Service Has The Best Drill Team? The Final Answer! 25

Exhibition Drill in the Movies. 26


How to Teach Drillers. 27

Teaching Methods. 27

Go From the Known to the Unknown: 27

Dangerous Moves. 28

Time. 28

The Armed Driller’s Secret to Learning Faster 28

Progression in Rifle Weight?. 28

New Routine or Same Old-Same Old?. 29


Nomenclature. 30

Making a “Spraisy” & Where to Buy. 35

Replacement Stocks/Parts. 35

Sanding Your Rifle. 36

Painting Your Rifle. 37

Why Use a Sling?. 38

Taping a Rifle. 38

Rifle Sound. 39

How to Count Revolutions/Rotations. 39

Bayonets. 39

Spinning with a Bayonet 40

I Dropped! Now What?. 41

“Flow”: Free and Bound Movement 41

Beginning Exhibition Rifle Moves. 42


XDNotation: 57

Category: Prefix Symbols. 57

Category: Armed Regulation. 59

Category: Unarmed Regulation. 60

Category: Unarmed Exhibition Moves, Above the Waist 61

Category: Armed/Unarmed Exhibition Moves. 62

Category: Armed Spin Stops, Single-Hand. 64

Category: Armed Spin Stops, Two-Hands. 64

Category: Armed Exchanges. 65

Category: Armed Rolls. 66

Category: Armed Spins. 67

Category: Armed Aerials. 69

Category: Armed Specialty. 69


Writing Movement for your Drill Team.. 73

Design Information: 73

Using the Routine Mapping Tool 74

Ripple Lines. 74

Muscle Action Types. 74

Joint Motion Directions. 74

Movement Planes. 75

Effort Changes: 75

Principles of Movement 75

The Effects of Movement 77

Driller Responsibilities. 79

Axes and Planes: X, Y and Z. 80

Marching Better 84

Articulation. 89

Exercise for the Driller 89

Posture. 91


Color Team Commands. 92

Mounting a Flag on a Flagstaff 93

Standard Colors Post 95

“Diamond” Colors Presentation. 95

The Process of Posting the Colors. 96

The Position of Honor 100

What NOT to do. 100


Suggestions for you and your team: 102

Tips. 103


Middle School Military Drill Class Course Description. 105

High School Military Drill Class Course Description. 107


Lesson Plan Overview: Initial Training. 110

Lesson Plan Overview: Advanced Training and Judging Basics. 110

Lesson Plan Overview: Advanced Judging. 110

Lesson Plan I: Standing Manual 111

Lesson Plan II: Manual of Arms. 114

Lesson Plan III: Manual of the Flagstaff 117

Lesson Plan IV: Manual of the Sword/Saber 119

Lesson Plan V: Manual of the Guidon. 121

Lesson Plan VI: Cordon Procedures. 123

Lesson Plan VII: Routine Creation and Movement Principles. 125

Lesson Plan VIII: WDA Judging System Overview.. 127

Lesson Plan IX: Overall Effect 129

Lesson Plan X: Composition Analysis. 131

Lesson Plan XI: Individual Analysis: Equipment and Movement 133

Lesson Plan XII: Regulation Drill 135

Lesson Plan XIII: Competition Logistics, Timing and Penalties and Tabulation. 137

Lesson Plan XIV: So, You Want to Be a Judge. 140

Lesson Plan XV: The Process of Assigning Scores. 142

Lesson Plan XVI: Accountability. 144

Lesson Plan XVII: The Principle and Process of Achievement 146

drill meet, drill competition, drill team, drill team training, regulation drill, exhibition drill, color guard, color team, fancy drill, precision drill