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Posture for the Honor Guard and Drill Team

When standing and sitting, your posture matters.

The Foundation: In this diagram below, you can see that your feet have much to do with your posture.

from drleusden.com

From media.tumblr.com

Now your hips

Your hips should be square, horizontal to the ground and rolled back.

 From courses.vcu.edu

From radiancewellness.ca

From bellevuewellnessone.net

Your back

The “Cross”
This is what you need to keep in mind when training, practicing, rehearsing and performing.Posture- The Cross

Don’t pull your shoulders back, that’s not natural. Instead, stand erect and let your shoulders fall to centered (when viewed from the side). Never let your shoulders roll forward so that you slouch!

And while sitting

From fitness-programs-for-life.com

So, the same goes when you are marching.