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2016 Operation Honor Guard Day of Giving

operation honor guard

“Right now we as a nation are struggling with many negative issues in our country, but the one thing I can tell you is this… Americans love their veterans and Operation Honor Guard shows this by the overwhelming response and outpouring of monies and support by community members.”

-Rich Darby

The 2016 Operation Honor Guard Day of Giving was a huge success! Community members and corporate partners combined to donate over 170,000.00. The response has been overwhelming and honor guards in Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan will soon be looking more uniform as their honor guard details head out to honor fallen veterans. Operation Honor Guard started out as just a local fundraiser in Vermilion County, headed by funeral director Rich Darby of Sunset Funeral Homes in Danville, IL. The fundraiser was such a success in year 3 when it raised over $60,000 that Rich knew it was time to turn this fundraiser into its own nonprofit organization. Operation Honor Guard now a 501(c)(3) organization exists to solely outfit and eventually train veteran service organization honor guards throughout the nation.

operation honor guard
Rich Darby, OHG Director, and a veteran honor guard member

It takes over $800 to properly outfit 1 honor guard member. On top of this other costs are flags, rifles, rifle repair, transportation, training, and any other item needed in the regular use of an ceremonial team. Funds raised this year will help numerous teams across Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan and this number will continue to rise each year as honor guard members are reaching out and asking for financial assistance. If you have questions, call Operation Honor Guard direct at 844-409-1049 or visit their website at www.operationhonorguard.us.

The Color Guard for the Disabled

Disabled Colors Side

Many disabled and paralyzed veterans across the country want to take part in Veterans Day, Memorial Day parades and other celebrations even taking part in honor guard duties at funerals.

The picture above is an example of two members taking part in a color guard. While the picture below is another example, this time of a full color guard. What I created below includes the American flag, a state flag and all of the service colors in joint service order (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard- for info on this click here). This image was created for visual balance, but you can have any combination of standing members and members in wheelchairs.

When moving forward, you can stay in step or not, it doesn’t matter. Also, holding the flagstaff straight up or at an angle is your choice. If the staff is quite long, you can rest it on a wheelchair footrest, hold the shorter flagstaff with one or both hands while resting it on the seat.

While some may feel that all of this information is straight-forward, not everyone deals with this issue until it comes up and when it comes up, there really isn’t any information available. Now, we have the information.

Disabled Colors Wedge Formation