The DrillMaster judges, trains and consults for honor guard units, drill teams and color teams. He also works with marching bands, drum corps, indoor percussion units and color guards/winter guards. Here are some testimonials from DrillMaster clients:

Thank you for taking the time to write your book, The Honor Guard Manual. We are a new team and your book is our bible! I think my team is sick of hearing me say, “that’s not what the manual says”, but I’m wearing them down!!
Tom J

John trained the newly formed honor guard for the University of California at Berkeley Police Department. He was professional and brought to our members the needed expertise to teach experienced and inexperienced individuals in ceremonial honors. He used hig book, The Honor Guard Manual, tuned it to our needs, and coordinated the training with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. He has become a mentor and a friend and I highly recommend him to all PD honor guards.
George Hallett
Police Officer

I bought all of your books and wish I had them 20 years ago. They have been/are a great help. I teach Air Force Junior ROTC in Rock Hill, SC and use the info all the time.
~Larry W.

Your books are fantastic!
~Albuquerque High School AJROTC

I would like to thank you for your posts on the EHGTA page. I find myself reading your every post in addition to saving them for future use in our Honor Guard. The information you provide is invaluable. Yes, you can teach an old Marine new tricks. I plan to purchase your book for use in our program.
~OFC. Robert V.

John – Thank you for your time, expertise, and knowledge of drill and ceremonies in helping prepare our AFJROTC cadets for our upcoming drill meets.  Your advice and direction in some basic areas such as military bearing, proper saluting, posture, etc, will hopefully pay big dividends at our first drill meet.  Also, our Color Guard will achieve higher scores and perform well thanks to your years of experience in how to properly handle the Colors and carry the rifles.  Our young cadets are much more confident and better prepared thanks to your hard work. With much gratitude and appreciation,
~Chief Fitz, Eua Gallie High School (Melbourne, Florida)


Thank you for the fine manual. Our FD Honor Guard trains and performs details with the USAF (ANG) here in Bangor Maine. The manual hit our procedures on the nose.
~Bangor Maine Fire Dept.


I received the Honor Guard Manual today and all I can say is it is awesome. I can only imagine the time and effort you put into it. We get departments all the time that can’t afford to come to our training. Your manual will be the “go to” book from them.
~Eric Hedman, Elmhurst (Illinois) Honor Guard Training Academy


It was not hard for any of us to immediately recognize the passion and skill that John brought to the table when he initially began working with our small Honor Guard Team at Spangdahlem Air Base. Ceremonial Guardsmen are known to be “type A” and they normally only take correction and suggestions if they trust that the person delivering said criticism is a credible performer/trainer. John proved his worth in both areas. We respected him as an experienced and competent trainer, as well as a skilled performer. The team would not have grown to the level of perfection that it did, had it not been for John’s hard work and leadership. Training a team is something that many Honor Guard trainers can say that they have done, transforming a team into something unrecognizably better is an accomplishment that not many trainers have achieved, and John achieved that and much more. From standing manuals to rifle movements, John kept the team in cadence and sharpened our execution at every opportunity.
~MSgt Christopher R. Manning, Former USAF Honor Guard member


As the only AP3 member in USAFE, TSgt (retired) John Marshall’s role on the Spangdahlem Air Base (Germany) Honor Guard was lead trainer. He was responsible for teaching all honor guard movements to new members and ensuring current members kept up with training. Mr. Marshall was the key person in making sure that the team was up to standards. He was also there whenever the team needed a member to fill a ceremony. During a month-long transition, he even led the team while the previous leadership left and the new leadership processed into the base. He was a very strong and committed member of the Spang Team.
~SSgt Louis Dymon, NCOIC, Spangdahlem Air Base Honor Guard


Thank you so much. Your drill advice has been dead on every time!
~John Krol VFW


Thank you for your postings and your service. Just want to say – I use a lot of your information for the Boy Scout Troop (Troop 372 Parma, Ohio) I run. We appreciate the news and information you put out there, please keep it coming. Thank you will never be enough,
~Steve G.


Thank you for this [help with a project], and everything else you do for the drill world!
~Jeremy P.


Your books inspired the drill team and helped break down all aspects of a routine. We then began to sweep drill meets after never having done that! It’s all thanks to your books!
~C/CDR Jacob L. and C/LT JG Tevion G. Cleveland Junior Naval Academy


Info from your website helped our PD HG look sharp in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Thank you. Hoping to get your book soon.
~T. Gagnon



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